• Refund

    Our any subscription plans for Web development & tech support or SEO offered by us requires a twelve-month warranty & as well as monthly and be refunded within the 30 days of receiving of subscription amount. However, subject to the pure discretion of company management of the virtues of any specific case, the amount of payment can be refunded if any case you are not satisfied with our service, and we will also do our best efforts to resolve the customer’s problem as soon as possible. And if you are still not satisfied with our service, then we will provide a refund policy that will be applicable under following circumstances.

    We follow 30 days money refund policy under the following terms and conditions.

    If claim submitted within 30 calendar days of subscription or under trial or as per signed terms & conditions, then 100% of plan price will be refunded.

    The refund policy is not applicable under any circumstances for per incidence plans

    And after 30 calendar days of subscription plan, No money will be refunded.

    Refunds can be done, either of the following circumstances:

    When you have all the prerequisites which were required to resolve the issues and that was not done or resolved even your account was active.

    The issue or submission is out of scope for the particular plan or signed contract.

    After the issue was last worked upon by net support service, 30 days have not passed.

    There has not been a closed ticket or resolved the issue in the past for unlimited plans.

    API / Software / DATA

    Mighty Warners is not responsible for any kind of data breach-loss-corrupt. Mighty Warners strongly recommend to keep data backup and its customers responsibility to always keep and maintain the backup of data and our disaster recovery plan.