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    In today's business environment, there is no dearth of IT systems in running day-to-day tasks. However, businesses are also under pressure to excel in their core functions and their IT functions. For the modern business owner or executive, making smart business decisions has become a necessity. Margins are small, efficiency is important, and if we were to be completely honest, business is a day to day grind. A lot of this happens due to cost reduction and decreasing inefficiencies while doing business, which leads to wasted capital. Much is made up of collaborative systems that allow remote access. Much is made of protocol, process, and performance. With a lot of moving parts in every business, there should be "glue" that allows for cohesive tasks. That is "glue" software.

    Application Software

    They are also known as end-user programs, or even productivity programs, that help the user perform various tasks such as researching online, making notes, designing graphics, maintaining accounts, calculating, or playing computer games. Help. They are essentially located above the system software. They are actually used by end-users as well as have specific functionality or functions that they are designed to perform. This software is often developed through custom software development, depending on the needs of the users. There is a variety of application software. some of them are:

    1. MS Word

    2. Corel WordPerfect

    3. Google Docs

    Multimedia Software

    It is a software that is capable of playing, as well as can record images, audio, or video files. This software is used for animation, video editing, graphics as well as image editing. Due to the high demand for such software, every software product development company has vast avenues to develop them. Some examples of such software are:

    1. Adobe Photoshop

    2. Picasa

    3. Coral Draw


    This software is available for free. A user can easily download them from the Internet and can easily use them without paying any fees or charges. However, they do not provide any kind of freedom to modify the entire software or charge a fixed fee for its distribution. A best software development company can develop its own freeware to reach more customers. Some examples of this software are:

    1. Adobe Reader

    2. Skype

    3. Team Viewer

    4. ImgBurn


    These types of software are usually available to users with their source code, which means that the user can easily modify and distribute the software as well as add additional features to them. They can be either chargeable or free. Some examples of such software are:

    1. Mozilla Firefox

    2. Apache Web Server

    3. GNU Compiler Collection

    4. Thunderbird

    Cloud Software

    Cloud computing has revolutionized the management, scale, and process methods of large-scale applications and the value derived from data. The cloud environment uses a shared IT infrastructure and reliable Internet connection pool, enabling users to access multiple applications, enabling them to quickly and efficiently solve workload challenges from anywhere via any device Helps in significantly reducing computing costs. Cloud technology has elasticity, on-demand availability, high efficiency, and IT capabilities, in addition, there are companies of all sizes driving adoption of cloud services.

    1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

    2. Microsoft Azure

    3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    4. Oracle Cloud

    5. Salesforce

    6. IBM Cloud

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